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Give The Gift of Shopping

Wondering what to get? Worried they will like it? And will it fit? With Rend Lake Sporting Goods' Gift Certificates, the folks on your list are sure to get exactly what they want.

From 10 US Dollars and up, they make a great Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Day, or any other special occasion gift.

Let your friends and family pick out exactly what they want for their birthday or for the holidays by giving them a Rend Lake Sporting Goods Gift Certificate. You'll always be right the first time.

For goof-proof giving, nothing can beat a Gift Certificate from Rend Lake Sporting Goods.

Gift Certificates may be purchased in our store or by e-mail.

Simply complete the order form below and send it to us. Once we receive your order, we will respond to you within 48 hours after receipt (Central Standard Time). You will receive your Gift Certificate in the mail after we have received your payment.

Here are our simple Gift Certificate rules:

Minimum dollar amount = 10 US Dollars

Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash.

If the amount of your purchase is less than the Gift Certificate amount, any unused balance will be forfeited. We do not maintain unused Gift Certificate balance accounts.

Gift certificates may be used to pay for outstanding layaways and open account balances.

If your order exceeds the amount of your gift certificate, you must pay for the balance with cash if in person, or by credit card, money order or check if you purchased the Gift Certificate by e-mail.

Gift Certificates purchased by e-mail may by paid by US money order, check or credit card. Sorry, only US orders accepted.

Gift certificates expire one year from the date of issue or on the earliest date permitted under applicable law, whichever occurs later.

If you have any questions, send us e-mail at Rend Lake Sporting Goods or call us at 618-242-2191.

First Name:
Last Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Email Address: (Must fill in!)
Daytime Phone: (For verification only - Very Important!)
Dollar Amount of Gift Certificate: Must be at least 10 US Dollars
Payment type: Credit Card Money Order Check
Credit Card Type: Visa MasterCard
Credit Card Number:
Expiration Date:

Enter any additional comments in the space below:

Submit your Order!
Receipt of your order will be acknowledged within 48 hours from the date we receive it (Central Standard Time).

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