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Spinner Baits


There are litterly hundreds of combinations of spinner baits to choose from, with some producing better at times than others. The most consistent size year round is a 3/8 size, but if possible, you should have spinner baits from 1/4 to 1 ounce, in a variety of colors, but always have a white and a chartruese spinner bait available.

Tips from our customers:

In Springtime, use a 3/4 ounce, with two large willow leaf blades. You want a lot of bulk and vibration, and usually a trailer grub will also produce more strikes. Be sure to use a trailer hook, in order to improve your chances of a hookup.

Also in Springtime, you will probably encounter murky water conditions, so you should have available colors like chartruese and orange or red. On Lake Fork, Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend, these colors are deadly in the Springtime.

Always carry extra skirts with you, so you can change the color in case you see other fishermen catching fish on a different color than what you are throwing. Don't be hardheaded -- if the fish want a certain color, give it to them.

Put a dab of bright red paint on the head of your spinner baits in the Spring. Fingernail polish will work just fine. If it comes off, simply reapply.

Spinner baits are easily fished, just throw them out and wind back in. There are special techniques that sometimes work better than others, under given conditions. If bass are agressive, all you have to do is chunk and wind. If they are not agressive, due to cooler water or other conditions, you may have better luck using a slow, pumping motion. Throw out the spinner bait and let it fall a couple of feet, then wind a few winds and then let it fall back. Most of the time, the strike will come on the fall. The fish will simply be there when you take up the slack.

Throw the spinner bait in thick cover. Unless you are using the spinner baits with the double hooks, the baits are usually fairly weedless. If you are fishing laydowns in the spring, throw as close to the base of a fallen tree as possible and drag through the limbs. A lot of bass will be under the body of the tree, and as you pull over, let the bait fall. If you use trailer hooks, you will tend to get hung up more. If fishing in thick cover, you may do better leaving off the trailer.

We carry the following "Made in the USA" brands of spinner baits and buzz baits.

Lunker Lure Products, Carterville, Illinois - LL, Flat Shads

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Lunker Lure Products

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